Heat of the Sun

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Edition: Audio CD
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Tropical Beach

 Contemporary Flamenco
 Costa Rica
 World Fusion
 Jazz Music
 Strunz & Farah

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1. Jardin
2. Anaconda
3. Lucero
4. Illusion
5. Dark Fire
6. Heat Of The Sun
7. Recuerdo
8. La Tinaja
9. Damask
10. Pure Vida
11. Terremoto

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Customer reviews:

Stunz & Farah "Heat of the Sun" CD

Fantastic music! I fell in love with this combination of Spanish & Middle Eastern acoustic guitar when I strolled into a beautiful shop in LaJolla, CA... I asked right away WHAT is this music? I bought the CD ten years ago and listen to it almost EVERY DAY! It is soothing, invigorating, lively music full of lovely melodies I can't get enough of. I have since purchased other CDs by this duo (e.g., The Americas), but prefer the "Heat of the Sun" over the others. Enjoy.

One of Their Best

My first taste of the music of Strunz and Farah came roughly 15 years ago when I heard them on Austin's independent radio station KGSR. The DJ did not mention who they were, so I pulled off the road, called the station and got the name of the group and the album (Primal Magic). I liked what I heard so much that I detoured over to Waterloo Records and bought it on cassette.
Since that time, I have enjoyed many other Strunz and Farah recordings and have yet to hear a bad one.
Their earliest work while they were still in the process of establishing their style is sometimes repetitious and somewhat mediocre, but most of what I've heard is in the four to five star category, so the problem becomes trying to sort out the best from the rest. And since there is a superficial sameness to a lot of their music, albeit on a very high plane, the sorting becomes difficult.
Though I have not heard everything the duo has recorded, I've heard most of it. When Heat of the Sun was initially issued, availability was spotty perhaps because it was issued on a small independent label. I bought it on sight and when I put it in the CD player, it blew me away. Sometimes Strunz and Farah just play, and play very well, but on Heat of the Sun they play with a rare gusto that suggests syncronicity with their muse.
I like the entire CD a lot and it stands tall after ten years as one of the best of its genre. My favorites are the sprightly Jardin, the smouldering Dark Fire, the virtuoso title cut, the languid Recuerdo, the mellow La Tinaja, and what I consider the CD's best song, the dreamy soundscape that is Terremoto.
Its difficult to keep up with all the great music that comes out year after year, and especially difficult to keep up with a group as prolific as Strunz and Farah. So if you have just a couple of Strunz and Farah recordings in your collection, one of them should be Heat of the Sun, because it is definitely one of their best. I most highly recommend it.

Heat Of The Sun Is One Hot Title!

Strunz and Farah are amazing artists. This album showcases their talent, and proves that they are the best in the business. Do not hesitate to purchase Heat of the Sun, or Americas which I also have and can recommend.

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