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1. Pacific Surf & Songbirds
2. Predawn
3. Rain With Pygmy Owl
4. Marsh
5. Sparkling Water
6. Brookside Birds
7. Bobwhite, Doves & Cardinals

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Customer reviews:

Great cd for great price

I love this cd. I just moved to the city from the suburbs and I miss hearing the birds in the backround all day, especially to wake up in the morning. The only "natural" sounds here are traffic, people walking by screaming and cursing profanities, and boys bouncing basketballs.(Oh and the occasional gun-shot.)
So, this is a PLEASURE to my ears. When we are finally living as God intended, on this earth in a paradise, then we will live without pollution and in peace with everyone, including the animals.
Until then, we have cd's with nature sounds on them.
As another reviewer stated, the first track does open kind of unnaturally with the sound of the surf, but it gets better. And in another track the water reminded me of gurgling bath water, but other than these minor flaws, it's great, and i'm very satisfied.


I loved listening to this cd before bed. It was relaxing. The sound is realistic and there is no music distracting me from the natural sounds.

Echoes of Nature: Morning Songbirds

Tinnitus sufferers---this is your CD. All Echoes of Nature CDs let you listen to the "sounds of nature" without disturbing high and lows of music. I have screeching tinnitus in both ears and take solace in these tapes. Try them!

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