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Edition: Audio CD
Price: $15.98

Meditation Music

 Int'l & World Music
 New Age / Meditation
 Indian Classical
 World Music
 Ustad Imrat Khan

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1. Rag Jog
2. Rag Sarawati

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Customer reviews:

Intense Sounds

I'll admit i am fairly new to the indian sound, but as a improvising musician I can attest that this album is right up there with my all time favorites such as Coltranes "A Love Surpreme", the expessiveness is astounding.

I've listened to a good number of albums by indian artists (Shankar/Ali Akbar/Hussain) and nothing has come close to the inensity that this album possesses.

wonderful, tranquility provoking recording...

Imrat Khan plays both the sitar and the deeper sounding "bass sitar", the surbahar. We have all heard Ravi Shankar on the sitar, but I had never heard a surbahar before this recording and fell in love with the timbre. Imrat's son, Shafaat Miadaad Khan plays tabla with his father and is world famous also. The harmony of the duets, one a melodic instrument and the other a rhythmic instrument, is lovely. 5 stars.

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