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Edition: Audio CD
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 Original Score
 James Horner
 Anthony Hopkins
 Aidan Quinn
 Julia Ormond
 Henry Thomas
 Karina Lombard
 Gordon Tootoosis
 Christina Pickles
 Paul Desmond (II)
 Tantoo Cardinal

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1. Legends Of The Fall
2. The Ludlows
3. Off To War
4. To The Boys...
5. Samuel's Death
6. Alfred Moves To Helena
7. Farewell/Descent Into Madness
8. The Changing Seasons, Wild Horses, Tristan's...
9. The Wedding
10. Isabel's Murder, Recollections Of Samuel
11. Revenge
12. Goodbyes
13. Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel, The Legend...

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Editorial review:

This magnificent soundtrack perfectly captures the grandeur of Edward Zwick's 1994 film. It sounds the way a Montana sunset looks: big, wide, far-reaching, and full of color. In fact, the music is so good most viewers were able to overlook Brad Pitt's acting. This is such a powerful soundtrack that sound editors frequently use portions of it as an early trailer score for other films. Composed, conducted and produced by James Horner, Legends makes use of the fabulous London Symphony Orchestra, as well as fiddle and Japanese wood flute that will remind listeners of Horner's other famous works: the soundtracks to Glory and Titanic. --Charles R. Cross

Customer reviews:

One of my all time favorite movies and soundtracks

What can I say. I love the movie and now I can take the soundtrack with me in the car. I sweeps me away everytime I hear it. Zimmer is a genius.

The Solitude of the Legends of the Fall

I absolutely love James Horner and his works, and I was not at all surprised when I listened to this stunning soundtrack. The soundtrack brings peaceul serenity of the wilderness along with the sudden unpredictability of human character (in this case Tristan's). It won't lull you to sleep so easily, but I am certain that is exactly what Horner wants- he doesn't want a lullaby but a soundtrack to describe the feelings, and the days of the characters who live the music. Like the soundtracks of "Titanic", "Swing Kids", "The New World", and "Troy", the music will take you to another time, and mutes out the sound of traffic, and noise of this busy present day, to bring you near to the heart of the past and it's tumultuous times that seem all more beautiful than what we experience today. For the regular people who are certain this music should only be confined to stuffy elderly people wanting a nap, prepare to be proved wrong as a teenager wrote this. I highly encourage you to if not buy, at least listen to this music.

The greatest soundtrack I've ever heard

Have you ever seen a movie before and loved it for no other reason than the soundtrack? I love Legends of the Fall. Not because the storyline is fantastic or because Brad Pitt is dreamy. No, I love the movie because of the music. I actually bought this cassette tape ten years ago in a second hand store. I had never seen the movie but for $.25 I thought, what the hay. It quickly became my favorite cassette and now CD ever. While many movie scores have moved me, nothing has ever been quite like Horner's Legends. The emotion, the gradure of Montana, the fall of the family is beautifully expressed in the music. If I had to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of my life and could only take one CD, this would be it.

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