The Mix

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Computer Background

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1. The Robots
2. Computerlove
3. Pocket Calculator
4. Dentaku
5. Autobahn
6. Radioactivity
7. Trans Europe Express
8. Abzug
9. Metal On Metal
10. Homecomputer
11. Music Non Stop

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Editorial review:

This 1991 Kraftwerk collection of often drastically remixed "greatest hits" offers a good, if slightly skewed, overview of the Dusseldorf legends' career. Inspired by the band's continuing influence on modern pop, dance, and techno, founders Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter tweak Kraftwerk's sonic foundations with the intention of making their music more club-friendly. While some of the faithful have lamented the tinkering, The Mix presents a distinct, typically idiosyncratic take on modern club music. It also represents the way Kraftwerk usually sounds in their infrequent live forays; witness the reworking of "Radioactivity" into an unexpected (the band has been notably apolitical) antinuclear statement aimed largely at Britain's Sellafield installation. The Mix bows to trend in concept only; the execution is pure Kraftwerk. --Jerry McCulley

Customer reviews:

Superb Music !!

Superb Condition. Excellent quality of music. Perfect packing and forwarding. Got in perfect condition. Cheers.. Recommendable to others defenitely !!

Better version of previous songs, and more UPBEAT

Kraftwerk made good music better with this THE MIX cd. All of the songs on this CD can be considered "best hits" except that they have been made more upbeat, better recorded (clear) and the pluse loud. If you need a sampler of Kraftwerk music, this is the place to start. The songs play well on headphones, and you can dance to them.

Although the selection is a sample of prior version, they did a good job.

It's More Fun To Compute

As the 90's were opening up as a musical decade, many of the artists of the time were openly acknowledging their debt to Kraftwerk. Be it the fresh wave of Electronica or sample-happy hip-hoppers, Kraftwerk music was being exposed as a root source. So Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider did what any good forbearer would do, and that was compile some of their most influential tracks.

But "The Mix" considerably upped the ante. Taking the original programs and running them through more modern equipment, Kraftwerk retro-fitted these songs for the dance-floor. I know some of the purists blanched at this move, but on many of the songs, it is a marked improvement. "Radio-Activity" becomes a dance monster with its beefier sounds, and an already terrific "The Robots" suddenly has muscle. Both "Autobahn" and "Trans Europe Express" show their progressive roots as originals in a genre that Kraftwerk all but defined as far back as 1974 (with the original [[ASIN:B000007U6V Autobahn]]). The whole idea of making ambient tracks that simulated a 30 minute car or train ride and passing it off as popular music was groundbreaking then, and on "The Mix," still sounds hypnotic and gorgeous.

Since Kraftwerk has yet to release a proper best of in the USA, then this suffices nicely. They aren't the most prolific of bands (in the last three decades, it has been "[[ASIN:B000002GYI Computer World]]," "[[ASIN:B000002GZ4 Electric Cafe]]," and "[[ASIN:B0000A4G4N Tour de France Soundtracks]]"), so "The Mix" will help you pass the years between albums. Makes for great driving music as well.

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