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Edition: Audio CD
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Tropical Beach

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1. Panini Pua Kea - Cyril Pahinui
2. Ku'u Kika Kahiko (My Old Guitar) - Ozzie Kotani
3. Pohakuloa - Moses Kahumoku
4. Ke'ala's Mele - Leonard Kwan
5. Maui Medley - Barney Isaacs And George Kuo
6. Moe 'Uhane' (Dream Slack Key) - Sonny Chillingworth
7. Kalena Kai - Keola Beamer
8. Whee Ha Swing - Ledward Kaapana
9. E Ku'u Morning Dew - Keola Beamer
10. Waikiki Hula Medley - George Kuo
11. Punahele - Ray Kane

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Editorial review:

Hawaiian slack-key guitar began evolving in the 1830s, when Spanish and Mexican cowboys brought guitars to the cattle ranches of the Big Island. It became a recognizable style around the turn of the century. The term refers to the practice of slacking some strings from standard tunings to create open tunings; the thumb provides the bass line while the other fingers play melody and improvise. It might thus remind some listeners of the fingerpicking of a country master like Doc Watson, but the style has a wind-blown, wide-open quality all its own. Traditionally an accompanying instrument in a group setting, slack key has recently moved out front, and this all-instrumentals CD shows why. From the light touch of Moses Kahumoku or Leonard Kwan to the bluesiness of George Keo or Ray Kane to the pop feel of Keola Beamer, it offers the best possible introduction to the music. --John Morthland

Customer reviews:

How Could Anyone Not Like This!

I remember listening to this kind of guitar sound when I was a teenager in Hawaii back in the summer of 1964. I fell in love with that sound then and am still a huge fan of this style of guitar playing.

It is still alive and fresh even after listening to this CD hundreds of times over the years. It makes you want to smile and dance and kick sand around on some beach!

The selection of artists for this CVD is alike an aal-star team - great stuff!

A must buy

I listen to this Cd on my honeymoon in Maui... just about everyday. It's very relaxing and kind of romantic when sitting in a hot tub. When we got home we had to order this, so we can always have special music to listen to.

Heaven in slack strings and smooth voices

If you want to be exposed to some of the best slack-key music around and a wide variety as well, this is the first of several albums you MUST add to your collection. Period. Clean. Clear. Wonderful recordings that make and contain the whole notion of 'Aloha' and so much more.

Here are the islands, the winds, volcanoes rising from the waves, morning light, beach sands. Here are smooth voices, restful voices. Here are joyful moods, playful echoes, and a fascinating blend of ancient textures with new age notions.

Get it. Play it. Play it again. Let it take you to new places where 'mahalo' grabs your soul. It is what it is. Relax. Enjoy.

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