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1. Guajira Bonita - Julian Avalos
2. Soltarlo - Claudia Gomez
3. Wasuze Otya? - Samite
4. Maria Lando - Susana Baca
5. Below The Bassline - Ernest Ranglin
6. M'Ban Samba - Raimundo Sodre
7. Hanzvadzi - Thomas Mapfumo
8. Dilema - Los Tradicionales Se Carlos Puebla
9. Esa Noche - Cafe Tacuba
10. Gabby Kai - James 'Bla' Pahinui
11. Kothbiro - Ayub Ogada
12. Este Son - Juan Carlos Urena
13. La Milonga De Ricardo En Cha-Cha-Cha - Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca

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Editorial review:

The artists gathered together here hail from nations and cultures noted for the growing and export of coffee. As with this CD's companion release, Music from the Tea Lands, one senses the possibility of lucrative product tie-ins, but part of the proceeds from the album are earmarked for charity and any catchy idea that gets the music out there is a good thing. Like the luscious drink itself, the tunes come in many intensities and flavors, ranging from a light-as-air ditty from Peru, to the more complex vocal stylings of Colombia's Claudia Gomez, to Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca's earthy Afro-Cuban Congolese rumba. The album is a lively and fascinating travelogue, making landfall in Cuba, Kenya, Brazil, Uganda, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Peru. As with many other Putumayo projects, aside from its musical pleasures, this set would make an entertaining and educational experience for younger family members. --Christina Roden

Customer reviews:


Having just gotten into collecting world music rather than just listening to it on the radio....I am more than pleased with my latest acquisition of Coffee Lands music. The music on this CD is totally mellow. Every song on it is a keeper. If you want something different, this is a CD to consider.

How can you have this CD w/o an Ethiopian contribution

Am I missing something? This CD does not have any Ethiopian music? I'm a bit perplexed by that seeing as coffee originated in Ethiopia.

Not strong enough-this compilation is decaf

If this album is like coffee,it's decaf.It lacks the punch to keep one awake for an early morning drive.I'd be asleep at the wheel.

I used to have this CD,but I took it to a used CD store.

Its few highlights are Susana Baca,Ernest Ranglin,Thomas Mapfumo,James 'Bla'Pahinui&Ayub; Ogada.The rest are easy-listening Buena Vista Social Club.

When it comes to Putumayo's themed compilations,I reccomend "Gardens of Eden" (sadly,it's out of print),"Music from the Tea Lands"(EXCELLENT!),"Asian Lounge".I am looking forward to "Music from the Wine Lands"--considering I live in the Wine Country.Hopefully,"Music from the Wine Lands" won't be snooze-inducing like this one.

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