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Ambient Media

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 Percy Jones
 Brian Eno
 Fred Frith
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 Rod Melvin
 John Cale

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1. Aragon
2. From The Same Hill
3. Inland Sea
4. Two Rapid Formations
5. Slow Water
6. Sparrowfall (1)
7. Sparrowfall (2)
8. Sparrowfall (3)
9. Alternative 3
10. Quartz
11. Events In Dense Fog
12. There Is Nobody
13. Patrolling Wire Borders
14. A Measured Room
15. Task Force
16. M386
17. Strange Light
18. Final Sunset

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Haikus for Eno

Haikus for Eno

1. Aragon

Climbing the far hill
Away from the city's noise
Faithful Orion

2. From the Same Hill

I am a friend who
Never calls who just stays home
Dreaming of mountains

3. Inland Sea

My soul follows the
Current of the river north
North that has no end

4. Two Rapid Formations

Day in and day out
The colors of the day smile
At me and I frown

5. Slow Water

Someone takes my hand
The edge of happiness feels
Just like tomorrow

6. Sparrowfall (1)

The night is warm while
My neighbor builds his house of
Moonlight spider silk

7. Sparrowfall (2)

The neighborhood wakes
And the colors of the day
Knock on every door

8. Sparrowfall (3)

The couple upstairs
Passionate and untiring
The windows open

9. Alternative 3

The desert sky is
Icy and clear demanding
A response from me

10. Quartz

Fog moves in offshore
And enters my mind as sound
There's no place to hide

11. Events in Dense Fog

Morning is here as
Sadness comes to the city
And dreamers still sleep

12. 'There Is Nobody'

Astronomers peer
Nomads smile and beauty
Waits for all of us

13. Patrolling Wire Borders

I consider those
Whose only blanket is a
Sidewalk in winter

14. Measured Room

Love is all around
It's just across that street where
Everybody lives

15. Task Force

My only window
Faces west and needs washing
This explains a lot

16. M386

The Pleiades hang
And sparkle, memories fall
Bright and hard and cold

17. Strange Light

My heart has put up
A sign - "For Sale by Owner"
It's move-in ready!

18. Final Sunset

Where the light is warm
And soft, where the freezing nights
Never end-but where?

After "Music For Airports" this was a letdown

My First 2 Eno albums were "Plateux Of Mirror 2 (Harold Budd)" and "Music For Airports". Both of which have become soundtracks of my life. Actually one of my favorite songs is "Not Yet Remembered". It has been with me through so much, and I still listen to it and get a whole range of emotions. I even purchased Harold Budd albums as a spinoff from this album.
I actually heard "Music For Airports" as background music in the movie "Nine and 1/2 Weeks", looked it up in the film credits, and ran out to buy that album, which I also love and still listen to. I decided to explore more of Brian Eno, as I desired new songs and new experiences. So, my 3rd Eno album is "Music For Films". I am not at all impressed , yet. I realize it was recorded in 1978, but some of the songs sound so cheap, like a casio tone keyboard. Or remind me of music from the "Dawn Of The Dead" film. The spacy noises sound too seventies. All I am saying is that it sounds dated. I am sure it will grow on me, and perhaps this review is premature, but I don't see this album being a "staple" in my life as the other 2 have been. This album isn't so much musical, I wouldn't even call the tracks "songs",it can be described more as "sound effects".
Yet, I am not giving up, I am going to buy buy more Eno albums. I am sure there is another gem out there.

Soft, Soothing and a great instrumental artistry

I really enjoyed listening to all of this entire album,this was my second "Brian Eno" purchase, the other being "Ambient 1/Music for Airports" which I bought a few years ago.
I'VE BEEN A FAN OF Brian Eno's ever since I listened to both Bowie's"Low and Heroes" album and watching the documentary film of the making of U2'S "Unforgetable Fire" album 1984.
I think this album is a continuation of his work from "Roxy Music" in the 1970's and from his album "Another Green World" in 1974.
I feel that the reviewer who described this recording that "Brian presents 18 portholes into 18 different worlds that range from ethereal to downright eerie" was extreamly accurate and best suited to this ambient music.
I wasn't fustrated as some people were with the length of the tracks, he did follow through with what he intended to do with his music and I was fulfilled with listening to this disc, I didn't feel like I wanted more,It was very satisfying.
The Liner notes says these tracks are fragments, which is a good description for the tracks since they only clock in at a average of 2 minutes a piece.
Wonder, bliss, melancholy and obliqueness, low-key and sad are words that hits it right on the mark.Thank-you Brian for this interesting and challenging work.

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