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Edition: Audio CD
Price: $13.98

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 Video Game Soundtrack
 Robyn Miller
 Rand Miller

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1. Myst Island: Myst Theme
2. Myst Island: Treegate
3. Myst Island: Planetarium
4. Myst Island: Shipgate
5. Myst Island: The Tower
6. Myst Island: The Last Message (Forechamber Theme)
7. Mechanical Age: Fortress Ambience Part I
8. Mechanical Age: Fortress Ambience Part II
9. Mechanical Age: Mechanical Mystgate
10. Mechanical Age: Sirrus' Cache
11. Mechanical Age: Sirrus' Theme-Mechanical Age
12. Mechanical Age: Achenar's Cache
13. Mechanical Age: Achenar's Theme-Mechanical Age
14. Stoneship Age: Compass Rose
15. Stoneship Age: Above Stoneship (Telescope Theme)
16. Stoneship Age: Sirrus' Theme-Stoneship Age
17. Stoneship Age: Achenar's Theme-Stoneship Age
18. Selenitic Age: Selenitic Mystgate
19. Channelwood Age: The Temple Of Achenar
20. Channelwood Age: Sirrus' Theme-Channelwood Age
21. Channelwood Age: Achenar's Theme-Channelwood Age
22. Finale: Un-finale
23. Finale: Finale
24. Fireplace Theme
25. Early Selenitic Mystgate
26. Original Un-finale

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Customer reviews:


If you have played the games, you will like this. If not, it is probably not for you.

Remember Myst with the music

Remember Myst without going there. That's what this CD does. Each time you hear a track you remember the place you heard it in. The music from each age is on this CD, if you heard it in Myst you'll hear it on this CD. The music isn't exactly the same as it was in the game, its longer and is really the versions heard in realMYST. The only thing the doesn't make it the soundtrack to realMYST is that it doesn't have the music from the Rime age. If you liked to music from Myst and want to hear it agene without playing the game, buy this CD!

A must for Myst fans

I don't know why I waited so long to get this soundtrack. It brought back so many great memories from when I first played MYST. I loved it! I make sure to keep it with me at work to relax from all the craziness. The tracks are soft and soothing. They have an exotic feel to them to take you away to that beautiful island in the middle of a great sea.

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