Music For The Mozart Effect, Volume 1, Strengthen the Mind

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Edition: Audio CD
Price: $13.99

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 Chamber Music & Recitals
 Classical Period Serenade/Cassation/Divertimento
 Classical Period Symphony
 Piano Concerto
 Three String Instruments with Keyboard/ Continuo
 Violin Concerto
 Violin with Keyboard
 Classical Music
 Classical Collections-Artist Desc.
 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
 Capella Istropolitana
 Northern Chamber Orchestra
 Old Fairfield Orchestra
 Janos Sebestyen
 Malcolm Bilson
 Wolf Harden
 Takako Nishizaki

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1. Allegro From The Violin Concerto #3 In G Major
2. Allegro From The Piano Concerto #1 In D Major
3. Rondo-Allegretto Grazioso From The Sonata In F Major
4. Rondo - Allegretto From Ein Kleine Nachtmusik
5. Andante Grazioso From The Lodron Night Music #1
6. Molto Allegro From Symphony #14 In A Major
7. Presto From The Divertimento In D Major
8. Allegro From The Violin Concerto #4 In D Major
9. Church Sonata In C Major

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Editorial review:

Volume I of the immensely popular Mozart Effect series of music attempts to do no less than "strengthen the mind." One thing is for certain: the music chosen on the disc by author and scholar Don Campbell--excerpts from Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 1; Violin Concerto, No. 3; Ein kleine nachtmusik; and others--includes some of the strongest pieces the composer wrote. Though the performers on this disc (Capella Istropolitana, Northern Chamber Orchestra, and violinist Takako Nishizaki) are far from world-class, this is still a delightful collection and one that--at least according to the liner notes--will increase your alertness and perhaps your IQ. Volume II features music for "rest and relaxation," while volume III will "unlock creative spirit." With music this entertaining, who can dispute these claims? --Jason Verlinde

Customer reviews:

great music

CD arrived in excellent condition. The music is very uplifting, soothing and relaxing. Well worth the purchase

Music for the Mozart Effect

This CD is a compilation of various tunes geared to stimulate the mind. I really enjoy listening to it!

Mozard Effect... Which Songs?

It's also important to remember that the Mozard Effect... was mostly studied using Mozart's Sonata in D for two pianos. Although all classical music may have good side effects when it comes to learning and concenrtration and stimulating of the mind, most studies used Mozart's two pianos sonata. Which isn't on this album. And the reasoning behind it's benefits are possibly due to the nature of having "dueling" pianos making complex harmonics. Just remember to buy this because you like Mozard, not because you think you are going to make your children geniouses. That's just a bunch of hype.

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