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1. James Bond Theme
2. Kingston Calypso
3. Jamaican Rock
4. Jump Up
5. Audio Bongo
6. Under The Mango Tree
7. Twisting With James
8. Jamaica Jazz
9. Under The Mango Tree
10. Jump Up
11. Dr. No's Fantasy
12. Kingston Calypso
13. The Island Speaks
14. Under The Mango Tree
15. The Boy's Chase
16. Dr. No's Theme
17. The James Bond Theme
18. Love At Last

Customer reviews:

Doctor No John Barry (Not CompleteCredit) Monty Norman ?

When you compare Volume 1 & 2 Music To Read James Bond By John Barry, while also listen to Basie Meets Bond With Count Basie And Orchestra they understand the real composer ""JOHN BARRY"" Who lost out on the copyright but at the last minute composed the original James Bond Medley and does not get credit. If you notice in original movie does not include full song medley of James Bond Medley.The score is duct taped with harsh sounds and does not give the movie it's full honors with music style.
John Barry no credit for his contribution. The jazz calipso Monty Norman did not give John Barry film score director debut his bow. Sad,Tragic.

Noteworthy Jamaican and James Bond Music

The soundtrack to DR. NO is one of the most overlooked of all the James Bond CD-albums. Composer Monty Norman's calypso love melody "Under the Mango Tree" is one of the most haunting and memorable in all the James Bond films. The bulk of the music on this CD is characterized by calypso motifs but it is "The James Bond Theme" that is best remembered here. "The James Bond Theme" composed by Norman, arranged by John Barry and performed by "The John Barry Seven" set the musical sound of the entire James Bond series. This is a classic.

Best Recording of the James Bond Theme.

The soundtrack to DR. NO has the best recording of the James Bond Theme. The other tracks are good too. They want to make you get up and dance. "Jump Up" is a real good dance piece.

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