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1. Tupac Interlude - Tupac Shakur: The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Vol.1
2. Wake Me When I'm Free - Babatunde Olatunji/Sikiru Adepoju
3. Can U C The Pride In The Panther (Male Version) - Mos Def
4. When Ure Heart Turns Cold - Sonia Sanchez
5. U R Ripping Us Apart!!! - Dead Prez
6. Tears Of A Teenage Mother - Jasmine Guy
7. God - Reverend Run
8. And Still I Love You - Red Rat
9. Can U C The Pride In The Panther (Female Version) - Mos Def
10. If There Be Pain - Providence/RasDaveed El Harar
11. A River That Flows Forever - Danny Glover/Afeni Shakur/The Cast Of The Lion King
12. The Rose That Grew From Concrete - Nikki Giovanni
13. In The Event Of My Demise - Outlawz/Geronimo Ji Jaga
14. What Of A Love Unspoken - Tre'
15. Sometimes I Cry - Dan Rockett
16. The Fear In The Heart Of A Man - Q-Tip
17. Starry Night - Quincy Jones/Mac Mall
18. What Of Fame? - Russell Simmons
19. Only 4 The Righteous - Rha Goddess
20. Why Must U Be Unfaithful - Sarah Jones
21. Wife 4 Life - 4th Avenue Jones'
22. Lady Liberty Needs Glasses - Malcolm Jamal Warner
23. Family Tree - Lamar Antwon Robinson/IMPACT Repertory Theatre Group
24. Thug Blues - Lamar Antwon Robinson/IMPACT Repertory Theatre Group
25. The Sun & The Moon - Chief Okena Littlehawk

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Editorial review:

Another chapter in a long series of material being churned out by the "keep Tupac alive" cottage industry, this tribute album makes his private thoughts (written during his adolescence) available for mass consumption. Will Pac-friendly consumers get played as his estate gets paid, again? Not really, because thankfully these renditions are carried out by a multi-generational crew of pop-culture heroes. When the cast of The Lion King form a dreamy a cappella backdrop to Danny Glover and Afeni's reading of "A River that Flows Forever," it's like heavenly bliss. The same goes for the numbers interpreted by a holy trinity of spoken-word goddesses: Sarah Jones's "Why Must U Be Unfaithful", Sonia Sanchez's acoustic number, "When Ure Heart Turns Cold," and Nikki Giovanni's R&B-tinged; interpretation of the title poem. But there are moments on the disc that are as dodgy as the investigation to find his killer. In light of Pac's socialist revolutionary swagger, how raving capitalist Russell Simmons ended up on this disc is anyone's guess. While some of Pac's thugged-out constituency will want to upchuck violently when they hear sentimental tunes like Tre of the Pharcyde's "What of a Love Unspoken," the material blessed by dead prez, Mos Def, and percussionist Babatunde Olatunji deserves a serious listen by music lovers across the board. --Dalton Higgins

Customer reviews:

Just Awesome

Have u ever read a book that you think is just great? Well this book is one of them books. Tupac Shakur was just amazing with both his poetry and his music sometimes his music what you would call the cleanest but he had a point for what he was saying in all of it. This book is one of the best poetry books that i've ever read, If u like to listen to Rap music or are a Tupac Shakur fan then you will deffitaly like this book. Tupac in this book is just amazing he says things that will just stop and make you think about what is really going on in life and how much bad things there is that goes on in this world. Tupacs' poetry is a must read tho.

Tears from a soldier

In this book of art Tupac shares his experiences that he went through while gowing up. I feel this book best fits for a confused adolesant that is growing up in the cityor better yet the ghetto. Many fans say they know who tupac really is but do you really? This book of poetry reveals his train of thoughts while he was alive. But all in all the book is a marvelous book for all races and for all ages but if you have to go into specifics it is good for adolesence as well as young adults who just bust.

Proves that even a thug has feelings!

When I first bought it i was surprised by the poems tupac wrote! I reall didn't care much about the artist performing, but the lyrics are amazing! Every Pac fan should have it in collection!

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