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Tropical Beach

 Texas Beach Music at it's finest....this is what happens when Jimmy Buffett meets Galveston Bay...
 Hanna's Reef

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1. Rum in Pensacola
2. Tropical Girl
3. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers
4. King of the Island
5. Island Time
6. Bitter Winds
7. Livin Well
8. Jamaica Me Smile
9. Have You Seen Your Rita?
10. Local Knowledge
11. Sail Away
12. Makin Waves
13. Fun in the Sun
14. Everythings Gonna Be Alright

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Customer reviews:

Great album, great band!

What a pleasant surprise this purchase turned out to be! I heard about Hanna's Reef from a friend of mine in Texas. She had seen them perform at a festival there this summer. I had not heard them, but bought the Deja View CD on her recommendation.

"Rum in Pensacola" is just awesome! I think that if this song ever gets on the radio, it will be a national hit. But it's not the only good song here. They are just one right after another. "Tropical Girl" is great, and so is "Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers". These guys just have a great sound, and their music really makes people feel good.

I definitley recommend this CD to anyone who likes fun, uplifting, "tropical" music!

Best yet

What makes Hanna's Reef stand apart is that in their live shows they blend original music with Buffett-esque covers. They are not just another cover band. This album combines nine of Jerry's original songs that were recorded in his previous lifetime, with five new original tunes. The opening track, Rum In Pensacola, is worth the price of the CD by itself. If this song doesn't get some radio play, somebody missed the boat. The rest of the new songs are great, and the older songs have been updated and sound great also.

Another great album from Hanna's Reef!

The second CD, first studio CD from Hanna's Reef has 14 tracks, 5 new songs along with 9 re-recorded songs from back when most of Hanna's Reef played under the name Key West-The Band. Unlike many "re-recorded" songs, these nine songs have been re arranged and reworked in one way or the other, and have a new feel and "soul" to them. They're like new songs and well worth listening to again and again.
The name "Deja View" (which I'm kinda partial to) was chosen because, in Jerry Diaz' words "It contains some of our favorite songs from our past and some of the new music that we're making now."

And Hanna's Reef is making some great music! This CD has been the only one in my player for over a week now and it's not coming out anytime soon.

The CD starts with "Rum in Pensacola", a "kick yourself in the butt because you didn't realize what you had" song. I've been listening to Jerry's songs for eight years now and this song is my favorite.

The next song, "Tropical Girl" is a tropical love story with a Latin flair.

"Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers" gets it's start from the back of a Hanna's Reef T-Shirt. This song is destined to be the "Sing Along" song on the CD, with lyrics like:
"We're Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers
Smiles away from the old rat racers
Three sheets to the wind and goin' strong.
We're all for one, one for all
Bound for another port o' call
Doing everything I said I would
Life is good!

"King of the Island" is a story about Galveston Island in the 30's when "Victor was king of the island" and the Mob wanted to move in.

"Island Time" Sometimes the world moves way too fast and there's too much technology. You just want to slow things down.

"Bitter Winds" We've all looked back and said "what if". This song reminds you to keep moving forward, reaching for your "pot of gold".

"Livin Well" This is a song about the "rock star life" but could also apply to a mid-life crisis. Hey, either one, along with this song sounds great and is nothing but fun. Jerry Diaz gets on the mike for this one.

"Jamaica Me Smile" Sometimes you meet someone that makes you feel better than a week in the Keys or in this case, Jamaica.

"Have You Seen Your Rita" We all know or have known someone like this.

"Local Knowledge" "Local Knowledge" is information and stories that you're not going to hear in the tourist traps. You have to go where the locals are. Those memories can sometimes be the best treasures from any trip. This song is one of the treasures of the CD.

"Sail Away" Had Enough? It's time for an escape, a get away. This song is the next best thing to just walking away and heading to the nearest boat.

"Makin' Waves" Another great song about 5 people getting away and Makin' Waves.

"Fun in the Sun" Classic 60's beach song. Very Beach Boy-esque. This song is screaming for a remake with Beach Boy Mike Love sitting in. If your not tapping your feet during this song, call the doctor - You're comatose.

"Everything's Gonna Be Alright" A catchy, feel good song to wrap up the CD.... Well, almost. Here's a hidden "track"

You'll be able to see Hanna's Reef not only at Meeting of the Minds in Key West this November, but also at Riddles in the Sand in Galveston, Texas the last weekend in July.

This review, along with $.75 will get you coffee in some places other than Starbucks. It's just my opinion and you know what they say about those.

Happy listening!

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