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Edition: Audio CD
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1. Red Dust And Sweat - Steve Roach
2. Call To Kuranda - David Hudson
3. The Ancient Voice - David Hudson
4. Atmosphere For Dreaming - Steve Roach, Sarah Hopkins
5. Darktime/The Initiation - Steve Roach, Sarah Hopkins
6. Origin - Steve Roach
7. Spirits - David Hudson
8. The Hunter - David Hudson
9. Awakening Earth - Sarah Hopkins
10. Land Sound/The Dreaming Place - David Hudson/Steve Roach

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Customer reviews:

Music that connects you with the Dreamtime

This music is some of the most beautiful and spiritual Aboriginal music I think I have ever heard. Its very modern and upbeat, but at the same time has a definate connection to the Aboriginal culture. I can't stress this CD enough. If you are into New Age or World Music, you owe it to yourself to check this CD out.

Wonderfully Original, A Must Have

When I purchased "Australia," I was expecting more of something like "Dreamtime Return," which Roach recorded around 1987 for the 1988 release. Ever since then, I was hooked on Roach. His ambient, totally original style is evident on this, another Australian recording that is permeated with the digeradoo, a long, wind instrument frequently used there that produces deep, pleasantly haunting sounds. It is believed that Roach uses whatever can carry a sound as percussion instruments: rocks, water, bottles, washboards--and some instruments you never would have guessed--in addition to his synthesizers.

At first, I had resistance to the syncopated, off-beat patterns, but as I let the album play, the rhythms of the other hand-made instruments Roached used, and the overall down-to-earth, unrehearsed style got to me, like the distant sound of a bull roarer in the background. I listened to the entire album, and nearly an hour went by like it was 15 minutes. Roach's music is difficult to explain, but is best summed up as music for the mind. I listen to it--with REPEAT ON--while reading and writing, and to help me reach a transcendental, meditative state. For these reasons, as with all Roach's music, I find that it is best as a personal, solo journey best experienced with the privacy and deep sound of a good pair of headphones. Highly recommended as an effective, immediate means to reduce stress, aggression and hostility. If you don't have this album, then you are truly missing out on one of the most original pieces of ambience from one of the most respected musical artists of our time.

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