Background Music CD Collection. Available Genres.

Pop     New Age / Meditation     Rock     Meditation     New Age     Rock/Pop     Contemporary Instrumental     Soundtrack     Popular Music     Ambient     Soundtracks & Film Scores     Electronic     Environmental     Classical     World Music     Classical Music     Adult Alternative     Ethnic Fusion     Progressive Electronic     Original Score     Jazz Music     Nature     New Age Collections     Jazz     Int'l & World Music     Film Music     Soundtracks     Orchestral     Experimental     Neo-Classical     Miscellaneous     Classical Composers     Club/Dance     Prog-Rock/Art Rock     Chamber     Relaxation     Pop/Rock     Healing     Solo Instrumental     World Fusion     Concerto     Alternative Pop/Rock     Vocal     Dance Music     Electronica     Singer/Songwriter     Adult Contemporary     Box Sets (Audio Only)     Flamenco     Chamber Jazz     Orchestral Music     Chamber Music     Country     Electro-Acoustic     V/a Compilations     Miscellaneous Music     Opera     Space     Crossover Jazz     Dance     Spiritual     Keyboards     Ambient Techno     Country & Western     Post-Bop     Leader     Chamber Music & Recitals     Indie Rock     Symphonic     Indie Pop     Experimental Ambient     Trip-Hop     Album Rock     New Acoustic     80's     90's     20th/21st Century Orchestral Music     Keyboard     Film     Choral     Worldbeat     Techno-Tribal     Smooth Jazz     Soft Rock     Country-Rock     Rap     Rap & Hip-Hop     Synthesizer     Avant-Garde     Urban     Classical Artists     Vocal Music     House     Rock/Pop Collections     Adult Alternative Pop/Rock     Techno     Vocals     Hawaii     Soul     Celtic New Age     Celtic/Irish     Contemporary Celtic     Bluegrass     Minimalism     Celtic Folk     Sound Effects     Orchestral & Symphonic     Fusion     Irish Folk     Russian Romantic Opera     Experimental Rock     Symphony     Flute Concerto     Violin Concerto     Suite for Orchestra     Progressive Trance     Guitar (Electric)     Downbeat     Trance     Baroque Suite/Partita for Orchestra     R&B;     Soul/R & B     Soul/Reggae/Rhythm & Blues     Jamaica     Kraut Rock     Hawaiian     Hawaiian Music     Reggae     Movie Themes     Contemporary Flamenco     Folk     Folk & Traditional     Hip-Hop     Classical Crossover     Hard Bop     Contemporary Bluegrass     Folk-Jazz     Arranger     Post-Rock/Experimental     Avant-Garde Jazz     Progressive Bluegrass     India     Ireland     Traditional Celtic     Cello Solo     IDM     Character     Blues     Classical Vocals     German/Austrian Romantic Opera     Solo Voice(s) and Orchestra     Overture     Poem     French Romantic Opera     Italian Romantic Opera     Harmonica Blues     Lo-Fi     Neo-Psychedelia     Power Pop     Electronic Collections     Self-Help     Loops     Acid House     Dream Pop     African Folk     Flute Solo/Sonata     Ambient Pop     Costa Rica     Kenya     Mexico     Uganda     Space Rock     Musicals     Show Tunes     Reggae Music     Rocksteady     Ska     Instrumental Pop     Jazz Vocals     Jazz-Pop     Vocal Pop     Funk     Calypso     Indie Electronic     Vocal Jazz     Bop     Cast Recordings     Showtunes / B'way     Gangsta Rap     Hardcore Rap     British Folk     Celtic Fusion     Irish     Alternative Country     Contemporary Folk     Progressive Country     Traditional Folk     Christmas / Chanukkah     Christmas Music     Turkish     Turkish Folk     Indian     Indian Classical     Raga     Swing     Tour     Big Band     Harmony     Classical Collections-Artist Desc.     Alternative Dance     Downtempo     V/A Compilations     Progressive Alternative     Contemporary R&B;     Bossa Nova     Free Improvisation     Modern Creative     Calypso / Soca / Steel Drum     Caribbean     Classical Period Symphony     Piano Concerto     Country/Bluegrass     Latin Pop/Rock     Afro-Pop     Traditional Irish Folk     Celtic     Neo-Traditional     Scottish Folk     Traditional     Folk Song     20th/21st Century Ballet     Ballet     Gospel     Composer     Spain     Guitar     Minimalist Music     Ambient Dub     Baroque Sonata/Sonatina for Keyboard     Miscellaneous Vocal Music     20th/21st Century Overture     Clarinet Concerto     Electric Chicago Blues     Modern Electric Chicago Blues     United States of America     Funky Breaks     Jazz-House     Bassoon Solo/Sonata     Cantata     Concerto Grosso     Duo for Two Woodwind Instruments     Spoken / Comedy / Radio Shows     Spoken Word Recordings     Quiet Storm     France     Brazil     Colombia     Congo     Cuba     International     Peru     South America     Contemporary Jazz     Zimbabwe     Cartoon Music     Tchaikovsky meets Peter Gabriel     Post-Grunge     Spy Music     5-Inch CD Singles     Pop Vocals     Disco     Progressive House     Slack-Key Guitar     Math Rock     Party Music     Beach Music     Psychedelic Pop     Reggae-Pop     Sunshine Pop     Iran     Baroque Pop     American Underground     American Trad Rock     Jam Bands     Karaoke     West Coast Jazz     Original Cast Recordings     Chopped & Skrewed     Screwed & Chopped     Southern Rap     French Baroque Opera     Celtic Pop     Opera/Operetta     Country-Folk     Acoustic Blues     Finger-Picked Guitar     Folk-Blues     Neo-Traditional Folk     Progressive Folk     Doo Wop     Oldies     Keyboard Music     China / Japan / Korea     Opera / Operetta / Oratorio     Sitar     Tabla     Tamboura     Ballads     Brill Building Pop     Traditional Pop     Vocal Collections     Country-Pop     Traditional Country     5 inch CD Singles     Romantic Opera     Orchestral Jazz     Modern Electric Blues     Chorale Prelude     French Pop     Children's     Childrens     East Coast Rap     Golden Age     Party Rap     Pop-Rap     Dance Collections     Detroit Techno     Rave     Scottish     Belgium     Arabic     Egypt     Middle East     Middle East / Asia Minor     Traditional Middle Eastern Folk     Noise     Chicago Blues     Dance-Pop     Romantic Tone Poem/Symphonic Poem for Orchestra     Incidental Music for Orchestra     Tropical     Rock & Roll     Surf     Television Soundtrack     Classical Period Orchestral Music for Orchestra     Classical Period Serenade/Cassation/Divertimento     Violin with Keyboard     Cool     Easy Listening     Exotica     Lounge     Space Age Pop     African Jazz     Cameroon     World Beat     Christmas     Xmas Vocal Collections     Latin Jazz     Traditional Scottish Folk     Mystical Minimalism     Incidental Music     Pipe Bands     Africa     Kora     Serenade     Classical Period Variations for Keyboard     Mass     Motet     Quartet for Four String Instruments     Quintet For Clarinet And String Quartet     Gypsy     Europe     Asian     Asian Folk     Field Recordings     Throat Singing     Tuva     World Beat Collections     Bluegrass-Gospel     Electric Harmonica Blues     Electric Texas Blues     Modern Electric Texas Blues     20th/21st Century Symphony     Transcription for Orchestra     Black Gospel     Gospel/Christian Music     Band     Band Music     Modal Music     Video Game Soundtrack     Germany     Alternative Country-Rock     Noise Pop     CCM     Religious / Contemp. Christian     Bass (Electric)     Drums     Guitar (Steel)     Harmonica     Percussion     Synthesizer Strings     Vocal Harmony     Vocals (Background)     Poetry     Brazilian Jazz     Folk-Rock     Smooth Soul     Nature/Ecology     Spoken Word Self-Help     Cello Concerto     Cello with Keyboard     Mixed Chamber Ensemble with Keyboard     Meditative and heart opening     Hard rock     Asia     Japan     Japanese     Japanese Orchestral     Blues-Rock     Hard Rock     Indian Pop     Singing     Native American     March for Orchestra     Requiem/Requiem Section     Cowboy     Neo-Traditionalist Country     Outlaw Country     Unknown Genre/Unspecified Instrumentation     Scherzo for Orchestra     Film Scores     Britpop     Minimal Techno     Miscellaneous Sacred Choral Music     Oratorio     Instrumentation     Scotland     Computers     Experimental Techno     70's     Ambient House     Post-Punk    

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