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Edition: Audio CD

Background Rainbow

 Popular Music
 Space Rock
 Prog-Rock/Art Rock
 Steve Hillage

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1. Garden Of Paradise
2. Four Ever Rainbow

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Customer reviews:

A "Must Have", absolutely beautiful.

My wife and I got married in '88, and began to collect music to listen to, to relax and fall asleep. Regular music usually demands its own attention, keeping you awake by your remembering what is coming next. This album allows the listener to drift with soothing sounds, no absolute begining or ending. This allows the listener to repeat it over and over to insure a good nights sleep. We recorded it from the radio program on PBS "Hearts Of Space", and listened to it for 3 years before we ever heard it all the way through. When we did, we decided we must buy the whole thing! Sadly it was out of print, and otherwise unavailable. I searched for years until it was re-released and found it here on Amazon. I can't speak for the artist, or his intentions, but it is a beautiful piece of work, not just for sleeping, but anytime of the day when you want to relax. I consider THIS to be a MUST HAVE for anyone who likes peacefull relaxing good music.

A Pioneering Album of the Pre-Ambient/New Age Era.

In 1980, I made the pilgramage to Philly by bus to the coolest import record store in town to buy my first electronic record. Rainbow Dome Musick had been playing on college radio for months and I was hooked like an addict. A precursor to New Age but best filed under "electronic" or "ambient" music. This is NOT disposable wallpaper music like most new age. This is spiritual and meditational experience. It includes a great guitar solo by Hillage and both pieces build in intensity over their 17+ minutes each.. This was long before MIDI and digital sampling so except for the synth sounds, the guitar, electric piano, natural sounds and bells are real. This is one of the most transcendental albums ever.

A wonderful and soothing album of ambient music

This 1979 album opens with the sound of running water, which then gradually segues into a lush, ambient soundscape drenched in washes of synthesizer drones and heavily echoed Fender Rhodes piano, in addition to extremely spacey guitar parts (no, Steve does not rip it up on this album). The two tracks are fairly lengthy (23'15 and 20'30" respectively), and like all ambient recordings, motionless and static with very little dynamic contrast. Steve is joined on this album by his (then) girlfriend and former Gong bandmate Miquette Giraudy (double sequencer, Fender Rhodes piano, ARP Omni synthesizer, and Tibetan bells). All in all, this is a fantastic and very soothing album that provides a great deal of enjoyment. For those folks that like the proggier side of things, check out Steve's Fish Rising album (1975) - it is incredible.

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