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Landscape Waterfall

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1. Theme From Harry's Game
2. Tower Hill
3. Seachran Charn tSiail
4. Passing Time
5. Coinleach Glas An Fhomair
6. I See Red
7. Ta Me Mo Shui (I Am Up)
8. Newgrange
9. The Fairy Queen
10. Thios Fa'n Chosta

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Customer reviews:

Magical Sounds From The Emerald Isle

In a career spanning over thirty years Clannad has risen from a family trio performing in their Fathers' bar in Gweedore parish, Donegal to a group of five (with the addition of two uncles) who have consistently impressed an evergrowing worldwide fanbase. Who would have ever thought a little Irish folk group singing primarily in Gaelic would achieve such notoriety and fame. If the truth be told, they've probably saved their native language from extinction.

Of all their albums/CD's, there are quite a few, 'Magical Ring' was the first Clannad album I ever bought and to this day remains my undisputed favorite. It's absolutely magical, the perfect blending of voices and music, it captures the very heart and soul of Ireland and the mythical landscape it's famous for. From track 1 - Theme from Harry's Game - to the sweet melancholy of track 5 - Coinleach Glas an Fhomhair - and track 9 - The Fairy Queen, you'll feel something stir inside of you that no other music has ever touched before.

Simply the most haunting, harmonious sound you'll ever hear.

Has anyone heard the Trance remix of "Harry's Game?"

While I must say this CD is wonderful it still doesn't compare to Trance music. Chicane's remix of "Harry's Game" has become a classic trance song. It's not just a great song to dance to, but it's also, like any regular Clannad song, a great sond to listen to on its own. I recommend it to anyone who likes to listen to Clannad or Irish, Celtic or New Age music. Just search for Chicane or Best Trance Anthems Ever and give it a try.

Spooky and Cool

While I don't listen to this album as much as say "Macalla", this is still one of my favorite Clannad albums. Here they (mostly) successfully transitioned from being a traditional Irish folk act to carving their own unique niche in the musical landscape -- undoubtably the founders of the whole "new age" music genre.

In particular, there are some very interesting tracks that really stick with you -- "NewGrange" is one of those songs that send shivers down your spine. The often-heard "Theme from Harry's Game" is simply beautiful. No other word describes it. There's a reason it's been used so often in commercials and movie soundtracks.

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