The Ballad of Sally Rose

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Edition: Audio CD
Price: $18.49

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 Country & Western
 Emmylou Harris

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1. Ballad of Sally Rose
2. Rhythm Guitar
3. I Think I Love Him (Instrumental: "You Are My Flowers")
4. Heart to Heart
5. Woman Walk the Line
6. Bad News
7. Timberline
8. Long Tall Sally Rose
9. White Line
10. Diamond in My Crown
11. Sweetheart of the Rodeo
12. K-S-O-S (Instrumental Medley: "Ring of Fire"/"Wildwood ...)"
13. Sweet Chariot

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Customer reviews:

first ever concept album in country???

what about willie nelsons redheaded stranger released in 1975...

however the ballad of sally rose is a supreme album.

A Rose is a Rose

I first heard this great album on tape about 12 years ago and when I no longer had the equipment to play the tape, I found the CD buried on a sale table. I nearly screamed out loud!! Now, that CD has been played by me and my daughters so much, its falling apart. Yea! It's still available. When we travel, this is the #1 sing along CD for me and the girls. With her pals Dolly and Linda, EmmyLou makes sweet, sweet sounds. And, the story is terrific.

A Concept Album

This is an interesting album from Emmylou Harris. Released in 1985, it stands as one of her best. Avid fans will want to get their hands on this cd, it's pretty rare to find but worth the search! This is the first album in her career where she wrote or co-wrote all of the songs, something she is more inclined to do on her newer albums. She is an excellent songwriter in my opinion. The album works as a concept album, telling a story of a girl from a small town who gets taken under the wing of singer that takes her (and her angelic voice) out on the road. Which is sort of like what happened with her and Gram Parsons. To get the story of the album though you need to read the liner notes. She truly shines on the slower ballads such as "Diamond in My Crown" and the closer "Sweet Chariot." Not an essential album for casual fans, but the hardcore Harris fans will either already have this, or be looking for it.

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