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Edition: Audio CD
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Relaxing Music

 New Age / Meditation
 Adult Alternative
 Chamber Jazz
 Contemporary Instrumental
 Ethnic Fusion
 Progressive Electronic
 Solo Instrumental
 Jazz Music
 Various Artists

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1. A Brief Repose - Patrick O'Hearn
2. A Conversation In The Rain - Tim Story
3. Shanti Mantra (Reprise) - Ravi Shankar
4. Espana - Patrick O'Hearn
5. The Beauty Within - Patrick O'Hearn
6. Theme From In Search Of Angels - Tim Story
7. Pacific II - Will Ackerman
8. Tibet Part II - Mark Isham
9. Night In That Land - Nightnoise
10. Out Of Time - Liz Story
11. Threes (1983) - Will Ackerman
12. Angels Flight - Shadowfax
13. A Special Place - David Arkenstone
14. Before I Go - Yanni

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Customer reviews:


Excellent for savasana at the end of yoga practice. I especially like the 4th song. I've been teaching yoga for 10 years and this is one of my favorites.

Very Relaxing and Spiritual

I find that this cd is very helpful in relaxing and feeling like I am "getting my head together". It may not be the greatest for yoga but I found it good for a meditation of thinking and being distracted from my own thoughts.

It took me a few times to listen to it to really appreciate it. Now, I enjoy it enough to play everyday or several times when at home. I use it to unwind.

Not A Big Fan

I like to have natural sounds or some type of 'yoga style' music while I'm either practicing yoga or just trying to relax. This CD just didn't fit. There are a few ok 'songs' but the rest of it is either too fast/upbeat or there's too much talking/chanting. I found myself distracted when I put this CD on.

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