Tuva, Among The Spirits: Sound, Music And Nature In Sakha And Tuva

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Edition: Audio CD
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1. A Reverberant Valley
2. Sakha Animal Imitations
3. Tuvan Round-Up
4. Fantasy On The Igil
5. Birds And Birds Imitations
6. Xoomei On Horseback
7. Borbangnadyr With Stream Water
8. Xomuz (Jew's Harp) Imitating Water
9. Home On The (Mountain) Range
10. Ang-Meng Mal-Magen Ottuneri (Imitation Of Wild And Domestic Animals)
11. Ang-Meng Mal-Magen Ottuneri (Reprise)
12. Harmonics In The Wind
13. Sonic Landscape
14. The Legacy Of Ancestors
15. Cave Spirits
16. Kyzyl Taiga (Red Forest)
17. Talking Xomuz
18. Chiraa-Xor
19. Epilogue

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Editorial review:

Thanks to the astonishing clarity of modern recording techniques, this remarkable CD documents the oldest form of music making, which producer-recorders Ted Levin and Joel Gordon refer to as "sound mimesis," or the art of imitating natural sounds through music, as practiced in Tuva. With a variety of musicians, including members of Huun-Huur-Tu and other regular folk musicians and farmers, these 19 tracks were recorded outdoors on location (with the exception of two recorded in a small living room). Musicians and singers interact with the sounds of wild and domestic animals and environmental sounds like streams, the wind, and bird song. Throat singing and xomuz echo the harmonics of a babbling brook, upturned igil (fiddle) and doshpuluur (lute) replicate the effect of a wind harp with the breeze caressing the strings, and horsemen chant in the saddle, picking up the rhythm of galloping steeds. These and many other examples illustrate a living animist tradition where the boundaries between sound and song have no clear definition; indeed, the very term "music" as the Western world interprets it has no equivalent, and Tuva, Among the Spirits may well make you reassess the latent music in your own environment. --Derek Rath

Customer reviews:


Plenty of ambience, with imitation of natural sounds. I agree, not be for everyone though. I liked [[ASIN:B000000E3E The Orphan's Lament]] much better for throat-singing, Huun-Huur-Tu best CD.

Awesome for Ambiance

Lovely just for playing in the background.
I really love this C.D.
It transports you to another land without you having to leave your living room.
Lots of interesting real, and man made animal sounds, and man made music.
Even my pets love it !
It may not be for everyone though, so isten to the samples before you buy !

Beautiful Nature, Beautiful Culture

This is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard. The interplay between human, animal, and natural sounds here is effortless, and it dramatizes better than any other release I've heard the true spirit of both Tuvan music and Tuvan culture.

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