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Edition: Audio CD
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 Soundtracks & Film Scores
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 Original Score
 Jerry Goldsmith
 Vladimir Kulich
 Dennis Storh�i
 Daniel Southern
 Neil Maffin
 John DeSantis
 Clive Russell
 Mischa Hausserman
 Oliver Sveinall
 Asbj�rn 'Bear' Riis

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1. Old Bagdad
2. Exiled
3. Semantics
4. The Great Hall
5. Eaters Of The Dead
6. Viking Heads
7. The Sword Maker
8. The Horns Of Hell
9. The Fire Dragon
10. Honey
11. The Cave Of Death
12. Swing Across
13. Mother Wendol's Cave
14. Underwater Escape
15. Vahalla/Viking Victory
16. A Useful Servant

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Editorial review:

To capture the horror, passion, and odd romance of Michael Crichton's tale of ancient clashes between Arabs and Vikings, Goldsmith embarks on a musical spectacle of his own. He borrows from known Arab musical sources, but because no known record exists of Viking music, he resorts to his imagination. The result is a kind of Viking exotica that approximates the songs those ruthless Scandinavians might have invoked to inspire their wicked wanderlust. Here, Goldsmith's orchestra displays some crisp and innovative moments, but much of the time it conforms to the dictates of previous Hollywood historical epics. There are the ceremonious strings and horns in moods that alternate from blood lust to cosmic humility, not to mention the chorus, which rails from a netherworld of judgmental gods. --Joseph Lanza

Customer reviews:

One of Goldsmith's best compostion

I must say this is one of Jerry Goldsmiths best score. I love the way he composed the entire Viking theme ! Just supreb !!!
I love it !!!!


The soundtrack does a great job of bringing you back into the setting of the movie. If you liked the movie, this is very enjoyable.

Goldsmith's Work Makes a terrific score

The 13th Warrior is an excellent and underrated score. Goldsmith creates a mix of Arabian style music to go with his interpretation of what Viking music would be to create a unique and enjoyable listening experience. I bought this cd on the strength of Goldsmith's name and enjpyed it so much I actually bought the movie, which was not too bad either. While Goldsmith had great success in 1999 with his score to the Mummy, the 13th Warrior is just as good if different in tone and style, proving just what a master Goldsmith was.

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